The latest iteration of our ‘In Real Life’ series takes us to Britain, where we spent the day with Leo Mandella, better known as @gullyguyleo. The young fashion icon has built an impressive following — over 500,000 Instagram followers — and was tapped to become the face of Converse‘s “Rated One Star” campaign.

Mandella built his fanbase with outfits that incorporated increasingly rare goods from the likes of Supreme and Palace. After showcasing how he updates his school uniform with personalized flair, Mandella states, “Everyone was kinda dressing the same … it was more about dressing to fit in than dressing how you wanna dress.” After school, he dons yellow Golf le Fleur sneakers and a matching puffer vest, taking us back to his parents house.

He walks us through the development of his personal style in this episode, starting with one of his first Supreme pieces and leading to his impressive collection of sneakers. Mandella gives his mom and friends credit for taking his now iconic Instagram photos before describing the evolution of his own style, noting “I don’t knock anyone’s hustle … I think that’s what people need to start doing, I think that’s why people hate.”