Since 2002, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield, and Mark Parker have dreamt up thirty-two insane iterations of existing shoes with the core mission of elevating style, function, and most importantly, wearability. They’ve dabbled on true classics like the Air Force 1 and innovative gems like the Flyknit Racer, but true HTM loyalists remember them for Air Wovens, the Macropus, and any other quirky sneaker that to the gen-pop, didn’t really seem to fit in. These limited edition products, most of the time individually numbered, helped fuel the sneaker craze and truly brought the hunt to the global level. Today, HTM is like the cool table in the lunch cafeteria that mystifies those around them, but Nike is ready to break that wall with an untold in-depth interview with the holy triumvirate.

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